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👋 Welcome to Nuxt

Nuxt's goal is to make web development intuitive and performant, with a great developer experience.
Learn more in the 'What is Nuxt?' section of our documentation.

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We highly recommend you take a look at the Nuxt documentation to level up.


Discover our list of modules to supercharge your Nuxt project. Created by the Nuxt team and community.


Explore different ways of using Nuxt features and get inspired with our list of examples.

Reporting bugs

Check out the Reporting Bugs page.


Check out the Contribution page.


Check out the Getting Help page.

Local Development

Follow the docs to Set Up Your Local Development Environment to contribute to the framework and documentation.

Nuxt 2

You can find the code for Nuxt 2 on the 2.x-dev branch and the documentation at

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