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The Ultimate Flipper Zero Badusb Collection

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Before you start!

In order to begin, you must read and accept the usage agreement. This project is for educational purposes only! Please seek permission before running any of the scripts provided by me. I cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of your use of these scripts. If you want to purchase a completely unique and personalized script contact me on discord.



1. git clone

2. Use the qFlipper app to drag the files into the "BadUsb" folder on your Flipper.

Usage example

To begin using the scripts, please carefully read the "" file provided with each script. This file contains important information on how to use the script safely. Keep in mind that some scripts may potentially harm your system, so be cautious and do not run unfamiliar scripts on your personal computer. To test scripts, it is recommended to use a virtual machine for safety.

Release History

  • v1.0
    • Released all the files
  • v1.1
    • CHANGE: More options on storing the grabbed Wifi Passwords (WifiPassStealer.txt)
    • Added MEMZ.exe script
  • v1.2
    • Added NoMoreSound.txt Script
  • v1.3
    • A few delay_time errors fixed
  • v1.4
    • Added a lot of new files to repo
  • v1.5
    • Added DeleteMicrosoftStore.txt and fixed link to MEMZ.exe
  • v1.6
    • Added a bunch of new files
  • v1.7 (BIG UPDATE)
    • Added a lot of new files, fixed a few files
  • v1.7.1
    • Few fixes due to delay errors
  • v1.8
    • Added ChangeWinUsername.txt and setWinPass.txt
  • v1.9
    • Added a bunch of new files
  • v2.0
    • Added DownLoadASCII and seperated Selfwriting Ascii
    • Instant-download Ascii is about 20x faster
  • v2.1
    • Added readme files for every script
    • Readme files contain important info about the script
  • v2.2
    • Added the GoodUSB folder

Usage Agreement

By downloading and using the scripts provided by UNC0V3R3D, you are automatically agreeing to the following usage agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, you are not permitted to download or use the scripts.

  1. You acknowledge that UNC0V3R3D is not responsible for your actions or any damage you may cause as a result of using the scripts.
  2. You are permitted to share all of the files.
  3. You are allowed to modify the files, but are still responsible for your own actions.
  4. If you are using my scripts in your own repo, please consider giving credits.

Instructions for newbies

In this quick instruction you are going to learn how to setup the scripts and use them properly. If you have any questions after reading this instruction, just DM me on Discord (UNC0V3R3D#8662).


1. Clone/Download the files directly from the repo or download the latest release.
2. Extract the files anywhere you like
3. If you are using a phone, just install the Flipper Zero mobile app.
4. If you are using a PC, just install the qFlipper app:
5. Connect your Flipper via Bluetooth if you are using a phone, or connect it via usb if you are on PC.
6. Open qFlipper --> SD Card --> badusb --> Move the files here.
7. Now you are done with moving the files to your Flipper.

Explanation of the files

Before using the files on your Flipper, it is important to thoroughly understand them. While the majority of the files in my BadUsb repository are relatively harmless, there are some that may potentially cause serious damage. It is important to exercise caution when using these files.

Understanding DuckyScript

  • All BadUsb-Scripts are written in the DuckyScript 1.0 language.
  • The language is kind of easy to understand and to learn.
  • If you really want to look further into this please refer to this Documentation.
  • The kind of hard part are the PowerShell scripts.
  • We use PowerShell or PowerShell scripts in 97% of all DuckyScripts.
  • PowerShell or PowerShell scripts give us full power over the machine.
  • If you want to learn how to write PowerShell scripts after learning the DuckyScript basics please refer to this PowerShell-Guide.
  • In BadUsb scripts, you will most likely find comments every few lines, that start with the command REM at the beginning.
  • Those comments often explain the whole process and help you a lot.
  • That's how you understand certain BadUsb scripts, but you can also often already identify the script by its file name.

Using the scripts properly

  • So now that we have prepared everything, we can start to test our first script!
  • We are going to run the first script on our own PC.
  • Of course, you don't want to cause damage to your PC, so we are going to choose a harmless script.
  • Let's choose a script that will draw something in the Notepad.
  • I chose a script from my ASCII repository.
  • If you want to open the text file on your phone or pc to see what is inside feel free to do so.
  • To start you are going to start the Flipper and find the Bad USB category.
  • There you will see all the scripts you have imported from your PC or phone.
  • Now choose a harmless script and wait until the Flipper tells you to connect to a PC via the USB cable.
  • Just press the middle button to start the script.
  • Now the script should open Notepad and write a simple sentence "Hacked by UNC0V3R3D".
  • If you succeeded congrats! You have just run your very first script.
  • If something went wrong then please scroll further down to see the Troubleshooting section and follow the steps.

Troubleshooting Problems

First of all, you have to identify the problem. Then you can look at the list below and maybe you will recognize your problem.

  • 1.0 The script open random things and typed the text somewhere, where it shouldn't be.

    • So this is often caused by too short delays between the commands. In the BadUsb script file, you should see some commands, that start with DELAY and then there is a number behind it. Example: DELAY 500. The number stands for milliseconds. Changing the delay to a higher number than the current number should solve the problem (DELAY 500 --> DELAY 700)
  • 1.1 The Flipper shows an error like this: ERROR: line 5

    • If the Flipper prints random errors like this you should check the text file. The most common thing causing this error is apparently a random blank line between the commands. Otherwise, make sure there is no line containing the "LOCALE .." command. It doesn't properly work on the Flipper, yeah I do not know why that is. If there is still an error, look at the line where the error is coming from and make sure there is no space at the beginning of the line.
  • 1.3 The Flipper shows an random overlayed error in line 1

    • This is a new error/bug in the official firmware! To get around this error you will need to install an older version of the official firmware or switch to a third-party firmware like "Rogue Master".
  • I hope that you find a a solution for your problem. If you need help feel free to always contact me via Discord or Email.


If you would like to help me making this project even greater feel free to sponsor me on Patreon.


If you have any idea on how to make this Instruction to BadUsb scripts better, feel free to open an Issue or contact me via Discord. :)


Distributed under the MIT license. See for more information.