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Client implementations that interact with the Stability Generator API


Install the PyPI package via:

pip install stability-sdk

Python client is both a command line client and an API class that wraps the gRPC based API. To try the client:

  • Use Python venv: python3 -m venv pyenv
  • Set up in venv dependencies: pyenv/bin/pip3 install -e .
  • pyenv/bin/activate to use the venv.
  • Set the STABILITY_HOST environment variable. This is by default set to the production endpoint
  • Set the STABILITY_KEY environment variable.

Then to invoke:

python3 -m stability_sdk.client -W 512 -H 512 "A stunning house."

It will generate and put PNGs in your current directory.

SDK Usage

See usage demo notebooks in ./nbs

Command line usage

usage: python -m stability_sdk.client [-h] [--height HEIGHT] [--width WIDTH]
	  								  [--cfg_scale CFG_SCALE] [--sampler SAMPLER] [--steps STEPS]
									  [--seed SEED] [--prefix PREFIX] [--no-store]
									  [--num_samples NUM_SAMPLES] [--show]
									  prompt [prompt ...]

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --height HEIGHT, -H HEIGHT
                        [512] height of image
  --width WIDTH, -W WIDTH
                        [512] width of image
  --cfg_scale CFG_SCALE, -C CFG_SCALE
                        [7.0] CFG scale factor
  --sampler SAMPLER, -A SAMPLER
                        [k_lms] (ddim, plms, k_euler, k_euler_ancestral,
                        k_heun, k_dpm_2, k_dpm_2_ancestral, k_lms)
  --steps STEPS, -s STEPS
                        [50] number of steps
  --seed SEED, -S SEED  random seed to use
  --prefix PREFIX, -p PREFIX
                        output prefixes for artifacts
  --no-store            do not write out artifacts
  --num_samples NUM_SAMPLES, -n NUM_SAMPLES
                        number of samples to generate
  --show                open artifacts using PIL
  --engine, -e          engine to use for inference

Connecting to the API in using langauges other than python

The src subdirectory contains pre-compiled gRPC stubs for the following languages:

If a language you would like to connect to the API with is not listed above, you can use the following protobuf definition to compile stubs for your language: