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Hyprland is a dynamic tiling Wayland compositor based on wlroots that doesn't sacrifice on its looks.

For Hyprland without the land part, see Hypr, the Xorg window manager.

Please note, especially for folks moving from Hypr, that Hyprland and Hypr share a very different feature set and are not 1:1 experiences.


 Quick Start 




Hyprland is still in pretty early development compared to some other Wayland compositors.

Although Hyprland is pretty stable, it may have some bugs.

Help Wanted

Hyprland needs testers!
Try it out and report bugs / suggestions!


  • Easily expandable and readable codebase
  • Config reloaded instantly upon saving
  • Custom bezier curve based animations
  • wlr_ext workspaces protocol support
  • Dual Kawase blur
  • Drop shadows
  • Fully dynamic workspaces
  • Closely follows wlroots-git
  • Bundled wlroots
  • Window/layer fade in/out
  • Tiling/pseudotiling/floating/fullscreen windows
  • Switching workspaces between window modes on the fly
  • Special workspace (scratchpad)
  • Window/monitor rules
  • Socket-based IPC
  • Event system for bash scripts
  • Rounded corners
  • Full damage tracking
  • Docks support
  • Drawing tablet support


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Special Thanks

wlroots - For their amazing library

tinywl - For showing how 2 do stuff

Sway - For showing how 2 do stuff the overkill way

Vivarium - For showing how 2 do stuff the simple way

dwl - For showing how 2 do stuff the hacky way

Wayfire - For showing how 2 do some graphics stuff