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Modern.js Logo

现代 Web 工程体系

The meta-framework suite designed from scratch for frontend-focused modern web development


The doc site ( and articles are only available in Chinese for now, we are planning to add English versions soon.

Getting Started



Some implementation of Modern.js are modified from existing projects, such as create-react-app, vite, wmr and jest. Thanks for them.

  • Unbundled Dev Server: The server implementation is based on the idea and structure of vite and wmr, and is adapted to the Modern.js application.

  • Testing: Run jest by node.js API, some code modified from jest-cli.

  • esbuild-webpack-plugin: modified from esbuild-webpack-plugin and support webpack 5.

  • Webpack messages formatter and module scopes plugin: modified from react-dev-utils and refactored to Typescript.

  • bundle-require: modified from bundle-require.