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Discord Music Bot

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Latest Updates

Discord.js v13 will break this bot so do not use this with it. We have been started working on v5 which will be out in some days/months with new features and much more are on the way.

🚧 Prerequisites

NOTE: Lavalink is needed for music functionality. You need to have a working Lavalink server to make the bot work.

📝 Tutorial

A Tutorial has been uploaded on YouTube, Watch it by clicking here Tutorial

VPS / Server Tutorial

📝 Support Server

If you have major coding issues with this bot, please join and ask for help.

📸 Screenshots

💨 Run the projects

Remix on Glitch       Deploy       Run on

Note: If you are hosting your bot in heroku, Please consider upgrading your dyno for running dashboard & bot simultaneously because in free dyno it'll run out of memory(as there are two workers). If you want to run only the bot, turn off the web dyno.


Contributions are always welcomed :D Make sure to follow

Note: Contributions are not accepted in the master branch. If you like to contribute check out v5 branch

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